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Supervision for Occupational Therapy: Practical Guidance for Supervisors and Supervisees

posted on 2023-04-11, 06:38 authored by Karina Michelle DanczaKarina Michelle Dancza, Stephanie Tempest, Anita Volkert

Supervision for Occupational Therapy is a practical text that guides both supervisors and supervisees to make the most out of supervision opportunities. While supervision in occupational therapy is vital as a mechanism for public and professional safety, learning how to do it successfully on-the-job can be a daunting prospect. By gathering stories from different professions, sectors, and parts of the world, this book is a hands-on guide to help occupational therapists navigate the complexities of supervision throughout their careers. This book presents, for the first time, the 3Cs for Effective Supervision (Connections, Content, and Continuing development), which offers a platform for supervisors and supervisees to frame their supervision practices. The chapters discuss common models and theories for supervision, ideas for how to structure relationships and sessions, templates and question guides for enhancing conversations, and practical strategies for dealing with common challenges. The book also considers the impact of workforce issues, diverse populations, and regional/rural/remote practice on supervision. Offering career-span advice and a process of self- and professional development to work through, this book provides a way to scaffold and support supervisors' and supervisees' learning and practice of supervision throughout working life. It is an essential guide for all occupational therapists. 


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