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Developing students' self-regulation skills within and outside academic modules

COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of online learning, and the authors' university (like many others) is settling into a blended learning approach. In this chapter, the authors share their experiences in improving students' self-regulation of online learning. The first learning experience for most students at the Singapore Institute of Technology is in online, self-paced courses in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. Beyond content, these courses provide students opportunities to embrace the ‘norm' of self-paced, self-directed online learning and to expose and encourage them to develop self-regulation skills. Students are required to self-assess and refer to different learning resources independently, based on their identified needs. The authors have also developed another intervention based on Zimmerman's self-regulated learning model, guiding students to plan, monitor, and adjust their learning plans and develop self-efficacy through this process. For students to transfer these skills into their actual studies, the authors provide individual coaching sessions to facilitate students' implementation.


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Supporting Self-Regulated Learning and Student Success in Online Courses

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