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Preferences and characteristics of wine tourists

posted on 2023-03-10, 02:39 authored by Kuan-Huei LeeKuan-Huei Lee

Wine tourism or enotourism or oenotourism or winery tourism or vinitourism is a special interest tourism that empowers local culture and spawns business opportunities for the local community. The comprehensive Routledge Handbook of Wine Tourism offers a thorough inquiry into both regular and emerging issues of wine tourism.

Modern wine tourism extends beyond the mere cultivation of grapes and the production and selling of wine. The Routledge Handbook of Wine Tourism examines the complex interplay of market profiling, sustainable regional development, and innovative experiential marketing constructs which, when successful, contribute to the growth and sustainable evolution of global wine tourism. This handbook examines how the success of various enotourism events such as vineyard visits, winery tours, wine festivals and wine trails can stimulate the development of wine-producing regions and territories.

Incorporating the latest philosophies and research themes, this handbook will be an essential reference for students, researchers, academics and industry practitioners of hospitality and tourism, gastronomy, management, marketing, cultural studies, development studies, international business and for encouraging dialogue across disciplinary boundaries.


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Routledge Handbook of Wine Tourism

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