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A Gamified Augmented Reality Vocational Training Programme for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

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conference contribution
posted on 2023-09-01, 07:43 authored by Bhing Leet TanBhing Leet Tan

This conference presentation provided an overview of the development of The Augmented Reality Games to Enhance Vocational Ability of Patients (REAP), which was an augmented reality vocational training program that provided skills training in the context of a psychiatric rehabilitation program. It was based on the principles of Neuropsychological and Educational Approach to Remediation (NEAR) and the scenarios were developed using the Perceive, Recall, Plan and Perform (PRPP) system of task analysis. In this pilot study, adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their trainers found the program to be useful and interesting. They also reported that the augmented reality games were user-friendly and provided a unique opportunity to acquire new skills.


SIT Ignition Grant(R-MOE-E103-F018).


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Occupational Therapy Australia 30th National Conference and Exhibition, 21-23 June 2023, Queensland.

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  • 6847 (R-MOE-E103-F018) Augmented Reality Games to Enhance Vocational Ability of Patients (REAP)