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Illuminating Well-Being: A Simulation-Based Lighting Evaluation And Tool Development For A Tropical Hospital

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posted on 2023-10-06, 10:01 authored by Quek Chong Venjamin Lin, Szu-Cheng ChienSzu-Cheng Chien, Kai Ting Foo, Nicholas Wei Kiat Tan, Kevin Chong, Ann Mei Wong, Luke Sher Guan Low

The increasing awareness of the vital role lighting plays in promoting health and wellbeing has led to a growing interest in lighting performance, particularly within healthcare facilities. In tropical regions, the unique micro-climatic conditions and distinct daylight characteristics present additional challenges in optimizing lighting for the benefit of patients and staff. However, conducting a thorough lighting performance simulation that considers cost effectiveness and time constraints can be challenging. To address this, this study aims to thoroughly investigate the lighting performance within a tropical hospital ward setting through a simulation-based evaluation. The simulations were carried out using Rhino 7 in conjunction with the ClimateStudio plugin, providing a temporal, environmental (considering weather conditions), and spatial analysis of human-centric lighting performance. Furthermore, to enhance the lighting performance evaluation and decision-making process, an agile multi-objective optimization tool was developed using Grasshopper, Ladybug, and Honeybee plugins. This tool allows for agile multi-objective optimization, enabling the exploration of various lighting scenarios and facilitating informed decision-making. The findings of this study contribute not only to the existing knowledge on lighting performance in healthcare facilities but also provide a strong basis for the development of effective lighting control strategies tailored to tropical hospital settings. By enhancing our understanding of the role of lighting in promoting health and wellbeing, the outcomes of this research effort are expected to improve the overall experience and outcomes for patients and staff in tropical healthcare environments.


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14th Asia Lighting Conference (ALC2023), 17-18 August 2023, Tokyo, Japan.

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