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IntVRsection: Virtual Reality Environment for Evaluating Signalized and Unsignalized Intersection Scenarios

This demo presents a virtual reality (VR) environment developed for evaluating signalized and unsignalized intersection scenarios using low cost head-mounted devices (HMD). Prior work focused on VR simulations that re-create less complex scenarios for the evaluation of different autonomous vehicle (AV) behavior and external human-machine interfaces (eHMIs). The proposed VR environment allows participants to walk across multiple road lanes, and experience and interact with high fidelity simulated traffic scenarios, including signalized and unsignalized intersections at 1:1 scale, with vehicular traffic making turns, and providing audio feedback. This simulation can be used for conducting user studies to test AV eHMIs or behavior interventions with participants.


UMGC-L010 Research & Development of Methods for a Holistic Evaluation of AV Safety under Tropical Urban Conditions


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AutomotiveUI ’23 Adjunct, September 18–22, 2023, Ingolstadt, Germany

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