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Battery Cycle Life Assessment Dataset for Transporter Drone

posted on 2023-03-20, 07:39 authored by Yew Chai PawYew Chai Paw, Yun Mei, Elisa AngYun Mei, Elisa Ang

This dataset contains Lithium Polymer battery module charge and discharge cycle data using a eVTOL transporter power load profile. The battery module used is a 24S1P battery module made up of 4 x TP5000-6SR80 battery packs.  

One cycle of battery run test will consist of charging and discharging test. The followings are the excel data files for the charging and discharging data collected. The excel files are orgainised to different pages (tab) according to the charge/discharge cycle number. A readme page is available in each of the excel file to described the data fields.   

Charging Data:

  1. UUT2_BatteryPackP1_Charge.xlsx
  2. UUT2_BatteryPackP2_Charge.xlsx
  3. UUT2_BatteryPackP3_Charge.xlsx
  4. UUT2_BatteryPackP4_Charge.xlsx

Discharging Data:

  1. UUT2_BatteryModule_Discharge.xlsx


DSO National Laboratories - Dynamic Reliability Modelling - Battery Predictive Analytics Study Project


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