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A sequential cooperative game theoretic approach to scheduling multiple large-scale applications in grids

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posted on 2023-10-02, 10:25 authored by Rubing Duan, Radu Prodan, Xiaorong LiXiaorong Li

Scheduling large-scale applications in heterogeneous distributed computing systems is a fundamental NP-complete problem that is critical to obtaining good performance and execution cost. In this paper, we address the scheduling problem of an important class of large-scale Grid applications inspired by the real world, characterized by a huge number of homogeneous, concurrent, and computationally intensive tasks that are the main sources of performance, cost, and storage bottlenecks. We propose a new formulation of this problem based on a cooperative distributed game-theory-based method applied using three algorithms with low time complexity for optimizing three important metrics in scientific computing: execution time, economic cost, and storage requirements. We present comprehensive experiments using simulation and real-world applications that demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach in terms of time and fairness compared to other related algorithms.


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