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Automation at Truveil: Business Process Understanding and Analysis in RPA Implementation

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posted on 2023-11-27, 01:53 authored by Arif Perdana, Desi ArisandiDesi Arisandi

In the process of automation implementation, it is critical for management and employees to have skills in understanding, identifying, and documenting the relevant business processes. To equip students with these skills, we employ an authentic business scenario from Truveil, a toy company. In 2021, Truveil (a pseudonym) had operations in more than 15 countries. In this teaching case, we explain the business process of the company's Singapore office. This case provides students with the opportunity to map a business process before and after automation, understand the challenges the company faced in implementing automation, and apply critical thinking to business process automation.


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Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting

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