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Customer Superstitions in the Accommodation Industry: A Demographic Analysis

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posted on 2022-03-15, 05:40 authored by Lee Keng NgLee Keng Ng, Tammy Wee
This research project focussed on the topic of superstitions which is widely prevalent but under-explored. Specifically, this study examined the effects of demographical variables (namely, gender, age, education, income, and religion) on 18 superstitious behaviours. An online survey was distributed using two non-probability sampling techniques: snowballing and voluntary response sampling. The data collection was done through known contacts and on a social media platform within online communities. The survey was open to participants who were at least 18 years old and fitted the other criterion of being guests at hotels, hostels, Airbnb, etc. A total of 126 usable responses was collected and analysed. Descriptive statistics and MANOVA results indicated that demographical variables did not have much effect on superstitious behaviours. Furthermore, the extent of superstitious behavioural displays was also not varied among respondents with different demographical profiles. In a challenging business landscape, it is relevant and important for the accommodation industry to have heightened awareness about guests superstitions. Such knowledge can aid the operators in exhibiting extra cultural sensitivity and gracious respect towards their guests, generating more satisfaction and building loyalty.


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