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Effects of microwave, ultrasound, and high-pressure homogenization on the physicochemical properties of sugarcane fibre and its application in white bread

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posted on 2023-07-19, 06:12 authored by Zawanah Abdol Rahim Yassin, Fatin Natasha Binte Abdul HalimFatin Natasha Binte Abdul Halim, Afsaneh TaheritelgariAfsaneh Taheritelgari, Kelvin Kim Tha Goh, Juan DuJuan Du

Sugarcane fibre (SCF) is known as an insoluble dietary fibre and a by-product from sugar manufacturing industry. The physicochemical and structural properties of SCF were modified using microwave irradiation at 5% and 10% SCF for 5 and 10 min (MW5%,15m, MW10%,5m, MW10%,15m), ultrasound at 30% amplitude, 7% SCF, for 1.5 h or 3 h (US1h, US2h), and high-pressure homogenization at 1% SCF, 2000 bar for 1 and 2 passes (HPH1p, HPH2p). Different types of disruption on the morphology of SCF were observed with different physical treatments confirmed by scanning electron microscopy. HPH2p treated SCF exhibited the largest particle size, and highest water and oil-holding capacities. Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy results showed that all physical treatments were able to reduce hemicellulose and enhance cellulose content in SCFs, especially for HPH treatments. After making dough and bread with treated and untreated SCF, HPH2p SCF incorporated bread had the firmest texture, followed by MW10%,15m, while these two samples have the lowest specific volume. The maximum height of bread was significantly lower in breads incorporated with HPH2p, US1.5h and US3h. Subsequently, glycemic response decreased in all SCF-incorporated breads compared to white bread reference.


This study was funded by Singapore Institute of Technology Ignition Grant (R-MOE-E103-F019), and Singapore Food Story R&D Programme Industry Alignment Fund Pre-positioning (IAF-PP) Theme 2—Advanced Biotech-based Protein Production Grant (A21H7a0131 and H21H8a0005), administered by A*STAR.


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LWT - Food Science and Technology

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  • 6852 (R-MOE-E103-F019) Low GI Asian Breads

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