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Outdoor mean radiant temperature estimation in the tropical urban environment

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posted on 2023-07-06, 01:30 authored by Chun Liang Tan, Nyuk Hien Wong, Steve Kardinal JusufSteve Kardinal Jusuf

A large scale estimation of mean radiant temperature (tmrt) is conducted at two sites using customised globe thermometers. The measurement points cover a variety of urban typologies such as high-rise offices, parks, large water bodies and housing apartments. Data is derived using a tmrt formula cali- brated to the local climate. Measurements for clear, sunny days are used for the analysis of the average diurnal tmrt profile. 

The diurnal tmrt profile shows that the tmrt differential between points is most evident during daytime, and is affected most significantly by shade cast by trees and buildings. Results also show that common urban constituents such as greenery and large water bodies, while proven to effectively reduce the ambient temperature of its surroundings throughout the day, do not affect tmrt significantly after nightfall. Further analysis reveals a correlation between sky view factor and tmrt in the day. Measurement points in different parks exhibit contrasting trends in tmrt reduction. 

Results of the study also provide a realistic threshold for the lowering of outdoor tmrt. Trees, shrubs and green walls may be introduced into the outdoor environment with the intention of reducing tmrt to a desirable level for a specific time range. 


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