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The Effect of Gamification Mechanics on User Experiences of AdventureLEARN: A Self-Driven Learning Platform

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posted on 2024-01-26, 01:13 authored by Chek Tien TanChek Tien Tan, Oran Zane DevillyOran Zane Devilly, Sok Mui May LimSok Mui May Lim, Bavani Divo, Xiao-Feng Kenan Kok, Jamil Jasin, Ker Boon Seaw, Lin Aung Htein

Structured curriculum in domain-specific knowledge and personal development of graduate attributes are both important components of tertiary education. Prior gamification research in tertiary education has mostly evaluated gamification as a system and largely in structured curriculum-based learning environments. There is insufficient understanding as to how different gamification mechanics affect learning experiences in self-driven personal development areas outside of the structured curriculum. We present a study with 20 tertiary students over seven days with AdventureLEARN, a gamified online platform to engage students in a self-driven journey of continuous personal development alongside their curriculum work. Through an analysis of data collected from experience sampling and focus group discussions, we found that, amongst other findings, gamification mechanics that were meticulously contextualized to specific platform features afforded the most positive experiences across various dimensions, leading to our main insight highlighting the importance of maintaining a co-development process between individual gamification mechanics and platform features.


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Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction

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