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The Nature of Theory Used in Practice Education: A Scoping Review

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posted on 2023-04-11, 06:10 authored by Alis V. Moores, Karina Michelle Dancza, Merrill Turpin, Jodie A. Copley

Background. Placements are key contexts for occupational therapy students to connect theoretical knowledge (theory) with practice. Theory relates to the prevailing ideas and concepts used by a profession. It can be derived within and outside the profession (discipline-specific knowledge and related knowledge, respectively). Purpose. This scoping review aimed to identify what is known about the nature of theoretical knowledge used in occupational therapy practice education. Method. A search of 4 electronic databases identified 19 relevant publications, data from which was extracted deductively. Findings. Inconsistent descriptions related to discipline-specific knowledge while related knowledge was often presented as not integrated with, or complementing, discipline-specific knowledge. Some authors referred to educational knowledge and methods informing student's theory use during placements. Implications. Educational methods need to provide a foundational platform, enabling novice learners to structure their thinking about ways discipline-specific and related knowledge can be used within an occupational framework on placement. 


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Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy

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Moores, A.V., Dancza, K.M., Turpin, M.J., Copley, J.A. The Nature of Theory Used in Practice Education: A Scoping Review. Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy. 2022;89(3):261-282. Copyright ©2022 (SAGE). DOI: 10.1177/00084174221093466.

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