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The study of height variation on outdoor ventilation for Singapore's high-rise residential housing estates

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posted on 2023-05-30, 08:38 authored by Rou Xuan Lee, Steve Kardinal JusufSteve Kardinal Jusuf, Nyuk Hien Wong

This article is concerned with external ventilation levels within a multi-story Housing and Development Board (HDB) residential estate, focusing toward a deeper understanding of wind flow with respect to different levels of height variation (HV). This study analyzed through parametric study, using numerical simulations with the realizable k – 1 turbulence model, the various scenarios of HV within a typical residential HDB estate or precinct. It is found that external wind flow within the precinct for both the pedestrian and mid-height levels are affected differently by the HV value. Some rules of thumbs can be established for HVs in the efficient use of outdoor ventilation. 


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International Journal of Low-Carbon Technologies

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