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XANDAR PHARMACEUTICAL: A model plant for process engineering education

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posted on 2023-07-07, 03:58 authored by Teng Shuen, Ernest Lim, Zong Lin Chia, Song Yuan Seah, Shin Yee WongShin Yee Wong

This study explores the implementation of a detailed model pharmaceutical production facility in an undergraduate engineering class. Xandar Pharmaceuticals (XP), a fictitious manufacturer, was created and presented to undergraduate engineering students during a current good manufacturing practices (cGMP1) course in two forms: (1) 3D virtual model and (2) 3D printed model. Data was collected from three separate cohorts over three years with a total of 197 participants. Surveys would gauge student’s sentiments and collect feedback, while quizzes assessed technical understanding. Statistical analysis and effect size calculations would evaluate the differences among the three cohorts. Survey results indicate the 3D printed model has small positive effects on study vs control (groups) regarding understanding of general industry related functions and practices. The 3D printed model also improved students’ interest in critical thinking and investigation. Qualitative feedback and sentiment analysis indicate the model was well received by students and received positive feedback related to visualization, industrial relevance, and student engagement. Use of the 3D printed model (but not the 3D virtual model) has had positive quantitative effects on student quiz scores and feedback. Qualitative improvements to student attitudes and interest are encouraging and suggest further use of 3D printed models in other courses may be beneficial.


This work was supported by the Ministry of Education’s (Singapore) Tertiary Education Research Fund (MOE-2016-2-TR19 and MOE2019-TRF-019).


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Education for Chemical Engineers

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  • 7028 (R-MOE-A401-D003) Industry Ready Graduates: Scaffolding Industrial Relevance in Pharmaceutical Engineering Program
  • 2831 (R-MOE-A203-B001) A Model Manufacturing Plant for Pharmaceutical Process Engineering Education

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