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Designing learning for humans: Using microlearning in learning environments

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posted on 2023-07-08, 01:57 authored by Chien Ching LeeChien Ching Lee

 Training to upskill and reskill comes at a cost to employers and workers.  Many companies are restructuring how their employees will work (onsite, hybrid, remote) and redesigning jobs to meet market demands better post-pandemic. For workers (full time, contract, gig workers, and freelancers), putting food on the table and carving a career path for themselves are prioritized. Pertinent questions to employers and workers alike include: Are certifications meaningful and necessary? Can the training turnaround time be increased to see return on investment faster?

In this session, find out how the Centre for Communication Skills, SIT developed a series of micromodules to support the communication skills needs of its students throughout their candidature. The talk will explore how these micromodules were used to drive personalized and self-directed learning. An emphasis is made on the need to strike the right balance to build social learning in a blended learning environment using appropriate techniques for different learning tasks. This is because effective learning environments are dynamic and aim to facilitate flexibility in the application of learning design for humans. The workshop also shares about how performance data could be gathered on the impact on learners’ learning. 


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Lee, C. C. (2022). Designing learning for humans: Using microlearning in learning environments. SkillsFuture Festival@SUTD, Singapore, July 23, 2022.

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