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Consumers’ Online Shopping Patterns and Experiences During Covid-19 Circuit Breaker Period, and Their Future Shopping Behaviours

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posted on 2022-03-15, 06:38 authored by Lee Keng NgLee Keng Ng, Teck Wai Daniel Koh, Yun-En Kimberly Liew

The unexpected and unprecedented pandemic has brought new challenges and opportunities to retailers. As the retailers in Singapore hastened to adjust to a new normal, it became even more important to understand the local consumers’ online shopping patterns and experiences.

Thus, this study was conducted to examine consumers’ online buying behaviours and their assessments of their e-purchase encounters during the circuit breaker period (April to June 2020). An online questionnaire was utilised to collect data both remotely and in-person (using software platform to reduce physical contact).

The results showed that consumers’ satisfaction levels with online shopping were generally positive in aspects that were related to product, delivery, customer service, etc. The outcome also indicated that both shoppers and non-shoppers could be influenced to shop online even more if there were lower prices, attractive loyalty rewards and unique products.


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