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  • Widget Identification: A High Level Approach to Accessibility
  • Automatic Web Widgets Prediction For Web 2.0 Access Technologies
  • Web Accessibility Guidelines: A Lesson From The Evolving Web
  • Web Evolution
  • Measurement of Solid in Liquid Content Using Ultrasound Attenuation
  • Web Evolution" by Alex Q. Chen, with Jessica Rubart as author
  • Widget Identification and Modification for Web 2.0 Access Technologies (WIMWAT)
  • The Uptake of Web 2.0 Technologies, and Its Impact On Visually Disabled Users
  • GazeTry
  • Two Factor Authentication Made Easy
  • Hand-posture-augmented multitouch interactions for exploratory visualization
  • OfficeBP: Noninvasive Continuous Blood Pressure Monitoring Based on PPT in Office Environment
  • SleepABP: Noninvasive Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring Based on Ballistocardiogram in Sleep State

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