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Andrew Keong Ng


  • Snore signal enhancement and activity detection via translation-invariant wavelet transform
  • Prediction of Rail Rolling Contact Fatigue Crack Initiation Life via Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis
  • Milk powder-derived bifunctional oxygen electrocatalysts for rechargeable Zn-air battery
  • Impact of obstructive sleep apnea on sleep-wake stage ratio
  • Railway Wheel Flat Modeling and Vibration Signal Analysis for Improved Wheel Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance
  • Smart and Sustainable Home Aquaponics System with Feature-Rich Internet of Things Mobile Application
  • Smart Aquaponics System for Urban Farming
  • Bispectral analysis of snore signals for obstructive sleep apnea detection
  • Intelligent Outdoor Aquaponics with Automated Grow Lights and Internet of Things
  • Ballistocardiography with fiber optic sensor in headrest position: A feasibility study and a new processing algorithm
  • Emerging and Disruptive Technologies for Urban Farming: A Review and Assessment
  • Integrated Systems Analysis Software for Interdependency Analysis of Railway Systems
  • Analysis and modeling of snore source flow with its preliminary application to synthetic snore generation
  • A high-fidelity acquisition system for snore signals: Design and implementation
  • Dynamic modelling and acceleration signal analysis of rail surface defects for enhanced rail condition monitoring and diagnosis
  • Automatic sleep onset detection using single EEG sensor
  • Microbe-derived carbon materials for electrical energy storage and conversion
  • Prediction of rail corrugation growth and rail wear rate using three-dimensional finite element analysis
  • Detection and diagnosis of rail surface defects using signal and image processing techniques
  • Separation of metallic and semiconducting single-wall carbon nanotubes
  • Separation of metallic and semiconducting single-wall carbon nanotubes
  • A level-wavelet-dependent scheme for image denoising via undecimated wavelet transform
  • Bispectral analysis of snore signals for obstructive sleep apnea detection.
  • Space-confined assembly of all-carbon hybrid fibers for capacitive energy storage: Realizing a built-to-order concept for micro-supercapacitors
  • Speech-like analysis of snore signals for the detection of obstructive sleep apnea
  • Influence of Sleeper Distance on Rail Corrugation Growth
  • (9,8) Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Enrichment via Aqueous Two-Phase Separation and Their Thin-Film Transistor Applications
  • Design and Development of an Automatic Solar Tracker
  • All-carbon solid-state yarn supercapacitors from activated carbon and carbon fibers for smart textiles
  • Analysis and Prediction of Rail Corrugation Growth and Axle Box Acceleration Signals for Different Railway Track Configurations
  • Optimization of Pneumatic Overhaul Workflows in Rolling Stock Workshop for Increased Process Efficiency
  • Using psychoacoustics of snoring sounds to screen for obstructive sleep apnea
  • Establishing vibration threshold for effective health monitoring of SL20-5 motor compressor set
  • Digitization of work instructions and checklists for improved data management and work productivity
  • Design, Development and Implementation of an Effective and Efficient Emergency Third Rail Fishplate Joint Clamp
  • Textile energy storage: Structural design concepts, material selection and future perspectives
  • Optimizing low-frequency common spatial pattern features for multi-class classification of hand movement directions
  • Development and Implementation of an Online Adaptive Gamification Platform for Learning Computational Thinking
  • Design and Fabrication of an Internet of Things Enhanced Digital Track Gauge
  • Role of upper airway dimensions in snore production: Acoustical and perceptual findings
  • Investigation of obstructive sleep apnea using nonlinear mode interactions in nonstationary snore signals
  • Antibacterial action of dispersed single-walled carbon nanotubes on Escherichia coli and Bacillus subtilis investigated by atomic force microscopy
  • Fostering Computational Thinking and Systems Thinking through Aquaponics Capstone Projects
  • Automatic selection of neuronal spike detection threshold via smoothed Teager energy histogram
  • Effects of Microphone Position on Snore Signal Quality and Patient Comfort
  • Diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea using formant features of snore signals
  • Managing rail corrugation through modelling, simulation, and instrumentation technologies
  • Could formant frequencies of snore signals be an alternative means for the diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea?

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