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Anthony James Goff

Asst Prof


Experienced physiotherapist, lecturer and researcher with an interest in the management of chronic conditions, public health, patient education, psychosocial determinants of health, plus research reach/impact. I possess over 10 years of diverse clinical practice experience as a physiotherapist, and 8 years of experience in academia/research. During this time, I have published 13 peer-reviewed articles (10 as first author) and presented my research at numerous local and international events. I possess excellent written and verbal communication skills that allow me to convey complex content to a variety of audiences.


  • Comprehensiveness, accuracy, quality, credibility and readability of online information about knee osteoarthritis
  • Co-design of the web-based ‘My Knee’ education and self-management toolkit for people with knee osteoarthritis
  • Weight bias and stigma in healthcare professionals: a narrative review with a Singapore lens
  • Reporting of acute programme variables and exercise descriptors in rehabilitation strength training for tibiofemoral joint soft tissue injury: A systematic review
  • Patient education improves pain and function in people with knee osteoarthritis with better effects when combined with exercise therapy: a systematic review
  • Many physiotherapists lack preparedness to prescribe physical activity and exercise to people with musculoskeletal pain: A multi-national survey
  • Correspondence: Author response to Tian et al
  • Physical Therapists Prioritize Providing Education About Exercise Therapy and to Dispel Misconceptions About Radiology for People With Knee Osteoarthritis: A Concept Mapping Study
  • Knee osteoarthritis
  • Knee Osteoarthritis Education Interventions in Published Trials Are Typically Unclear, Not Comprehensive Enough, and Lack Robust Development: Ancillary Analysis of a Systematic Review
  • People With Knee Osteoarthritis Attending Physical Therapy Have Broad Education Needs and Prioritize Information About Surgery and Exercise: A Concept Mapping Study
  • Teaching Physiotherapy Students Physical Examination Skills by Using Photogrammetry: A Randomized Control Trial of 3- Versus 2-Dimensional Images
  • Does land-based exercise-therapy improve physical activity in people with knee osteoarthritis? A systematic review with meta-analyses
  • Psychosocial Factors in Knee Osteoarthritis: Scoping Review of Evidence and Future Opportunities

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