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  • Telereporting in Breast Imaging Involving More Than 1 Country Requires Careful Consideration
  • E-tutorial improves students' ability to detect lesions
  • Certain performance values arising from mammographic test set readings correlate well with clinical audit
  • Does sensitivity measured from screening test-sets predict clinical performance?
  • Test set readings predict clinical performance to a limited extent: Preliminary findings
  • Breast screen New South Wales generally demonstrates good radiologic viewing conditions
  • Breast cancer diagnostic efficacy in a developing South-East Asian country
  • Mammography test sets: Reading location and prior images do not affect group performance
  • Manual or auto-mode: Does this affect radiation dose in digital mammography without compromising image quality?
  • The challenge of assessing reader performance in mammography
  • Screening mammography: Test set data can reasonably describe actual clinical reporting
  • Obuchowski-Rockette analysis for Multi-Reader Multi-Case (MRMC) readers-nested-in-test study design with unequal numbers of readers
  • Body composition reference values in Singaporean adults using dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry—The Yishun study
  • Assessing reader performance in radiology, an imperfect science: Lessons from breast screening
  • Varying performance in mammographic interpretation across two countries: Do results indicate reader or population variances?
  • A survey on the research awareness and readiness among radiographers in Singapore General Hospital (SGH)

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