Cheryl Pei Ling Lian

Medical physics



  • Utilising virtual environments for radiation therapy teaching and learning
  • A comparison of entrance skin dose delivered by clinical angiographic c-arms using the real-time dosimeter: the MOSkin
  • Organ point dose measurements in clinical multi slice computed tomography (MSCT) examinations with the MOSkin™ radiation dosimeter
  • Skin dosimetry of thyroid radioiodine with MOSkin detector: A phantom study
  • Measurement of multi-slice computed tomography dose profile with the Dose Magnifying Glass and the MOSkin radiation dosimeter
  • Monte Carlo study of the energy response and depth dose water equivalence of the MOSkin radiation dosimeter at clinical kilovoltage photon energies
  • Establishing institutional adult computed tomography dose reference levels at a public tertiary hospital in Singapore

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