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Dr Dhivya Sampath Kumar received her M.Eng. degree in Power Systems Engineering from the College of Engineering-Guindy, Anna University, India, in 2011 and her PhD degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from National University of Singapore (NUS) in June 2017. She also earned a graduate certificate in Management of Technology from NUS. She worked as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS)- National University of Singapore until Jan 2022. Since February 2022, she has been working as an Assistant Professor in Singapore Institute of Technology. Her research interests include Modelling, Control, Optimization & Management of Microgrid/Smart Grids, Analysis of grid security, reliability and planning issues pertaining to embedded integrated distributed generators, Application of machine learning to power systems and Optimal Integration and Management of DERs. She has worked on multiple NRF projects with Energy Market Authority of Singapor


  • Maximizing DG penetration using optimal placement of shunt devices in distribution systems
  • Robust Data-Driven Sparse Estimation of Distribution Factors Considering PMU Data Quality and Renewable Energy Uncertainty - Part II: Scalability and Applications
  • Dynamic Economic Dispatch Scenario Planning for Power Grids with PVs and Storage
  • Robust Data-Driven Sparse Estimation of Distribution Factors Considering PMU Data Quality and Renewable Energy Uncertainty - Part I: Theory
  • Impacts of Distributed Generation with Energy Storage on the Power Grid- Economics and Costs
  • Real-time and consistent sparse estimation of power system distribution factors using online adaptive elastic-net
  • Stability implications of bulk power networks with large scale PVs
  • Robust Data-driven Sparse Estimation of Power Flow Sensitivities for Smart Grid Monitoring and Operation
  • Singapore's Sustainable Energy Story: Low-carbon energy deployment strategies and challenges
  • A Fast and Scalable Protection Scheme for Distribution Networks with Distributed Generation
  • A Numerical Protection Strategy for Medium-Voltage Distribution Systems
  • Strategic Energy Storage Allocation in Buildings with Rooftop PVs: A Singapore Case Study
  • An adaptive fuzzy based relay for protection of distribution networks
  • Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring using Feed Forward Neural Network
  • Adaptive directional overcurrent relaying scheme for meshed distribution networks
  • Probabilistic risk and severity analysis of power systems with high penetration of photovoltaics
  • Improvement of transient response in grid-tied photovoltaic systems using virtual inertia
  • An adaptive overcurrent protection scheme for microgrids based on real time digital simulation
  • Effects of ‘invisible’ energy storage on power system operations
  • A novel hybrid method for planning and allocation of DGs in medium voltage networks considering voltage regulation and relay coordination
  • Feasibility and Economic Analysis of Solar Energy Systems for Rural Area Applications
  • Review of power system impacts at high PV penetration Part II: Potential solutions and the way forward
  • A comparative analysis of centralized and decentralized multi-agent architecture for service restoration
  • Optimal power scheduling of distributed resources in Smart Grid
  • Review of power system impacts at high PV penetration Part I: Factors limiting PV penetration
  • Enhancing the voltage stability of distribution network during PV ramping conditions with variable speed drive loads
  • Impact analysis of large power networks with high share of renewables in transient conditions
  • Study of Smart Condition Monitoring using Deep Neural Networks with Dropouts and Cross-Validation
  • The implementation of Thread Network for a Smart Factory
  • A Machine Learning Framework for Prediction Interval based Technique for Short-Term Solar Energy Forecast
  • Planning of Distributed Energy Resources in Singapore
  • Ramp-rate limiting strategies to alleviate the impact of PV power ramping on voltage fluctuations using energy storage systems
  • Power Quality Assessment of Electric Vehicles on the Distribution Networks
  • Optimal distributed generation allocation using evolutionary algorithms in meshed network
  • Solar irradiance resource and forecasting: a comprehensive review
  • Power Grid Impacts of Electric Vehicle (EV) Integration
  • Intrinsic and extrinsic mirror symmetry breaking in anti-dot spin-wave waveguides
  • Primal dual interior point algorithm for constrained economic load dispatch and optimal power flow
  • Evaluation of traditional formulation for laxative activity in mice
  • Comprehensive Learning Particle Swarm Optimization for economic load dispatch
  • Performance Evaluation of Different ANN Models for Medium Term Wind Speed Forecasting
  • Update of the Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Roadmap for Singapore
  • To assess the reduction in bone mineral density among children who completed steroid therapy for nephrotic syndrome

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