Singapore Institute of Technology

Debby R Wegener

Senior Librarian (Health sciences; Engineering; Information and computing sciences)


Born and bred in Zimbabwe, I moved to Singapore in the year 2000 and never looked back. After many years of working in different types of libraries across two different continents, I believe the best part of being a librarian involves working with students. Now working at SIT and supporting the Health Sciences cluster, my chief research interests revolve around the teaching of Information and Digital Literacy.


  • Information literacy: Diagnostics, interventions, and assessments
  • We may be teaching information literacy, but are the Design first year students actually getting it?
  • Training library patrons the ADDIE way
  • Web usability testing in a polytechnic library
  • Can we cook up a polytechnic portal from scratch? Can lah!
  • The day the libraries closed
  • Information literacy at TP: An historical tale
  • Need positive user education feedback? Just blog it!
  • You expect me to laugh during user education?
  • Information Literacy: Making Asynchronous Learning More Effective With Best Practices That Include Humor

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