Singapore Institute of Technology

I-Ling Yeh

Assistant Professor (Occupational therapy)


Dr. Yeh is an Assistant Professor in the Health and Social Sciences Cluster at the Singapore Institute of Technology and an occupational therapist by training. Additionally, she works as a Research Scientist at the Rehabilitation Research Institute of Singapore. Her research focuses on enhancing evaluation and interventions related to sensorimotor function and community participation for individuals with neurological conditions. Utilizing technology such as robotic devices, she explores ways to improve outcomes and investigates facilitators and barriers for telerehabilitation and technology adoption in Singapore. Beyond her academic roles, Dr. Yeh also serves as the Vice President Secretary of the Singapore Association of Occupational Therapists. In this capacity, she contributes to the association's mission of advancing the profession, advocating for clients and occupational therapists, and facilitating evidence-informed practices.


  • Pilot trial of distributed constraint-induced therapy with trunk restraint to improve poststroke reach to grasp and trunk kinematics
  • The effectiveness of proprioceptive training for improving motor function: a systematic review
  • Development of proprioceptive acuity in typically developing children: normative data on forearm position sense
  • Development and Implementation of an Intergenerational Bonding Program in a Co-Located Model: A Case Study in Singapore
  • Atypical somatosensory-motor cortical response during vowel vocalization in spasmodic dysphonia
  • Effects of a robot‐aided somatosensory training on proprioception and motor function in stroke survivors
  • Laryngeal vibration as a non-invasive neuromodulation therapy for spasmodic dysphonia
  • A robot-assisted sensorimotor training program can improve proprioception and motor function in stroke survivors
  • Vibration-Damping technology in tennis racquets: Effects on vibration transfer to the arm, muscle fatigue and tennis performance
  • Correction to: Effects of a robot‐aided somatosensory training on proprioception and motor function in stroke survivors (Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation, (2021), 18, 1, (77), 10.1186/s12984-021-00871-x)
  • Occupational Therapy Students’ Experiences of Team-Based Learning: A Multi-year Study
  • Effects of a Robot-aided Somatosensory Training on Proprioception and Motor Function in Stroke Survivors

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