Singapore Institute of Technology


  • HealthMedia'19 organizers' welcome
  • HealthMedia'19: 4th international workshop on multimedia for personal health and health care
  • Mixed-initiative news video recommendations and browsing for mobile devices
  • Gamelight - Gamification of the outdoor cycling experience
  • Mixed-initiative multimedia for mobile devices: A voting-based user interface for news videos
  • Speech and gestures for smart-home control and interaction for older adults
  • A smart location-aware hand sanitizer dispenser system
  • Gestures for mixed-initiative news video browsing on mobile devices
  • Mobile application for crowdsourced gamification of automated external defibrillator (AED) locations
  • Mixed-initiative multimedia for mobile devices: Design of a semantically-relevant low-latency system for news video recommendations
  • Gamification of heel raise plantarflexion physiotherapy
  • Immersive virtual reality training of bioreactor operations
  • Drone-Based AI and 3D Reconstruction for Digital Twin Augmentation
  • Mixed Reality Interface for Load Application in Finite Element Analysis
  • Multimedia for Personal Health and Health Care: Editorial Special Issue
  • Understanding User Experiences Across VR Walking-in-place Locomotion Methods
  • GN-CNN: A Point Cloud Analysis Method for Metaverse Applications
  • The Metaverse From a Multimedia Communications Perspective
  • IntVRsection: Virtual Reality Environment for Evaluating Signalized and Unsignalized Intersection Scenarios
  • Message from the ISMAR 2022 Demos Chairs
  • Non-Verbal Auditory Aspects of Human-Service Robot Interaction
  • Gamification of Heel Raise Plantarflexion Physiotherapy
  • Mixed Reality for Engineering Design Review Using Finite Element Analysis
  • Supporting Artefact Awareness in Partially-Replicated Workspaces
  • A Smart Location-Aware Hand Sanitizer Dispenser System
  • Speech and Gestures for Smart-Home Control and Interaction for Older Adults
  • Towards Decontamination Facility Training in VR
  • Improving Immersive Virtual Reality Training of Bioreactor Operations using Gamification
  • Mobile Application for Crowdsourced Gamification of Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Locations
  • Gestures for Mixed-Initiative News Video Browsing on Mobile Devices
  • GameLight - Gamification of the Outdoor Cycling Experience
  • Exploring Team-based Classroom Experiences in Virtual Reality

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