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Jeffrey is a transdisciplinary experiential designer who has worked on catwalk and fashion show designs for PRADA, advertising and gallery curation for KesselsKramer, and exhibition design for the Office for Metropolitan Architecture. He has a BFA in Monumental Kunst from the Aki Academy of Art and Design and an MA in Creative Practice for Narrative Environments from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design. He earned his PhD at the National University of Singapore where his research interests focused on HCI, HRI, interactivity, and transdisciplinary experimental creative practice. Previously he was the UX Lead at the National Gallery Singapore, a Peer of the Australia Council for the Arts, a faculty Lecturer at UNSW and a Partner at Chemistry. Currently, he is an Advisory Board Member at Chemistry, as well as Ngee Ann Polytechnic's School of Design, and is an Associate Professor at SIT.


  • Preface
  • From bob the builder to baxter the builder: Arguing for applying collaborative robotics in architecture
  • A musical feast: How musical performance using playful utensils can enrich the cooking and dining experience
  • Flavor visualization: Taste guidance in co-cooking system for coexistence
  • Designing interactive paper-craft systems with selective inductive power transmission
  • FoodGenie: Play with your food edible interface for communication and entertainment
  • Uncovering analogness and digitalness in interactive media
  • CoDine: An interactive multi-sensory system for remote dining
  • Mobile implementation and user evaluation of the Huggy Pajama system
  • A design process for lovotics
  • Liquid interface: A malleable, transient, direct-touch interface
  • Cultural robotics: Robots as participants and creators of culture
  • Hall effect sensing input and like polarity haptic feedback in the liquid interface system
  • Developing a User Interface for an Ultrasound Device Designed for Midwives and General Health Practitioners Situated in Low Resource Nations and Communities
  • A Hierarchy of Needs for Developing Interactive Artworks, Systems and Products
  • #HBLTable: A Cost-Effective Study-From-Home Furniture Solution for Low-Income Families Impacted by COVID-19
  • Responsive multisensory environments as a tool to facilitate social engagement in children with an autism spectrum disorder
  • Cultural robotics: The culture of robotics and robotics in culture
  • A cognitive model for human willingness in human-robot interaction development
  • Mixed reality lab Singapore : A genealogy of lab projects employing the blue sky innovation research methodology
  • Towards robotics leadership: An analysis of leadership characteristics and the roles robots will inherit in future human society
  • Liquid interface: A malleable, transient, direct-touch interface
  • Linetic: Technical, usability and aesthetic implications of a ferrofluid-based organic user interface
  • BossUP! Assessing Potential Hiring Candidates During the Interview Process via an Innovation Diagnostics Card Game
  • Food Media: Exploring interactive entertainment over telepresent dinner
  • Cultural Robotics: Social Robots and Their Emergent Cultural Ecologies
  • Emergent Cultural Ecologies in Social Robotics
  • The Future of Non-fungible Tokens: PNFTs as a Medium for Programmatic Art Enabling a Fully Realized AI-Driven Art Ecosystem

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