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Julian Azfar


  • Reflections on an interdisciplinary curriculum and pedagogical approaches in a public health course
  • Correlates, motivating factors, and barriers of engaging in regular self-reflection among public health students in higher education—A mixed methods approach
  • An integrative approach to needs assessment and curriculum development of the first public health major in singapore
  • An Evaluation of Critical Reflective Thinking Instruction and Assessment in a General Education Course
  • Musings from an inaugural Bachelor of Pharmacy curriculum: Teaching of health advocacy via integration of topics
  • Constructing understanding through critical questioning: A comparative study of first year undergraduate and postgraduate writing and communication classes
  • Teachers’ perceptions, facilitators, and barriers to the regular use of self-reflection in public health higher education during COVID-19 — a mixed methods approach
  • Faculty-librarian collaboration for teaching digital information literacy online: Case study of a large general education course
  • Evaluating the internalisation of the intrinsic role of health advocacy of student pharmacists in a new integrated Bachelor of Pharmacy curriculum: a mixed-methods study

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