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Mei Mei Sharon Wong


  • Intensity-modulated radiotherapy for whole pelvis irradiation in prostate cancer: A dosimetric and plan robustness study between photons and protons
  • The role of breath hold intensity modulated proton therapy for a case of left-sided breast cancer with IMN involvement. How protons compare with other conformal techniques?
  • An evaluation of concordance between head and neck advanced practice radiation therapist and radiation oncologists in toxicity assessment for nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients
  • An ultrasonographic evaluation of skin thickness in breast cancer patients after postmastectomy radiation therapy
  • Perceptions on site-specific advanced practice roles for radiation therapists in Singapore – A single centre study
  • RTTs-time to prepare for the advent of proton therapy
  • Can radiation therapy treatment planning system accurately predict surface doses in postmastectomy radiation therapy patients?
  • The implementation of an advanced practice radiation therapy (APRT) program in Singapore
  • An Environmental Scan of Advanced Practice Radiation Therapy in the United States: A PESTEL Analysis

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