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Michael Alexander Kruesi


  • Resources, capabilities and competencies: a review of empirical hospitality and tourism research founded on the resource-based view of the firm
  • Evaluating foreign market entry mode theories from a hotel industry perspective
  • What matters for hotel executives? An examination of major theories in non-equity entry mode research
  • An examination of the progressive effects of hotel frontline employees’ brand perceptions on desirable service outcomes
  • The Non-Equity Entry Mode Choices of International Hotel Organizations in New Zealand
  • The enigma of franchising in China
  • Technology-Based Solutions to Effective Sustainability Benchmarking in the Hotel Industry
  • Hospitality report: reporting on New Zealand's Hospitality Industry (2011)
  • The Effect of Service Robots and Other Technology on Job Profiles in The Hospitality Industry
  • Green Arithmetic - Carbon Footprint Calculators for Tourist Attractions
  • Integrating Data Analytics in Crisis Management
  • Evaluating Foreign Market Entry Mode Theories from an Industry Perspective
  • If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them: Diversification as a Means for Competitive Advantage in the Accommodation Sector
  • Management contracts and franchising: a two-study examination of non-equity entry mode choice in the hotel sector
  • Green Balance - Sustainable Hotel Operations at a Glance
  • Non-Equity Entry Modes in the hotel Sector: An Examination of the Factors Prompting the Choice between Franchising and Management Contracts
  • Use it or Lose it: Exploring Alternative Workspaces as a New Business Model for the Hotel Industry Post Covid-19
  • Integrating Sustainability in Hospitality Operations: The Case of Carbon Footprint Calculators
  • The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend: A Comparative Analysis of how Hoteliers and Online Travel Agencies View the Rise of the Sharing Economy
  • Global Hotel Alliance: Strategy Discovery Moving East
  • Pick the low hanging fruit: Improving the Sustainability of Small and Medium-Sized Hotels in Singapore
  • Achieving Institutional Isomorphism in International Franchising through Knowledge Transfer: Evidence from the Food and Beverage Industry in Cambodia
  • Two heads are better than one - a collaborative approach to hotel sustainability
  • You can't Improve on What You Don't Measure: Linking sustainability to revenue management

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