Singapore Institute of Technology

Pearpilai Jutasompakorn

Associate Professor (Education; Economics; Commerce, management, tourism and services)


Dr Pearpilai Jutasompakorn (Pear) is an Associate Professor in Accountancy program, Design and Specialised Business Cluster at Singapore Institute of Technology. Pear received her PhD in Finance from Monash University and scholarship from Australian Prudential Regulation Authority and Reserve Bank of Australia. Her research interests include credit risk, banking, financial stability and regulation, and FinTech. Pear has been the Principle Investigator of several research projects and written conference papers, case studies, and published in international journals. SIT Faculty Profile


  • Identifying Banking Crises Dates
  • Impact of Basel III on the Discretion and Timeliness of Banks’ Loan Loss Provisions
  • Banking crises: Identifying dates and determinants
  • A Finance-Based Self-Learning Online Platform for Holistic Evaluation of Innovation Projects
  • Enhancing decision making with machine learning: The case of aurora crowdlending platform
  • Impact of Basel III on the discretion and timeliness of Banks’ loan loss provisions
  • Migratory Drivers of Human Capital – A case of Accountancy students in Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)
  • Crowdlending in Asia: Lessons from Its Chequered History
  • An Online Finance-Based Self-Learning Tool: Comparative Study Between Business and Non-Business Students
  • Shaping crowdlending investors’ trust: Technological, social, and economic exchange perspectives

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