Singapore Institute of Technology

Pengcheng Wang



  • Large eddy simulation of high speed nozzle flows - assessment & validation of synthetic turbulence inlet conditions
  • Wing-Tail Interaction Under Forced Harmonic Pitch
  • Numerical modelling of train aerodynamics in confined space
  • Developing students' self-regulation skills within and outside academic modules
  • Large eddy simulation of supersonic jet plumes from rectangular con-di nozzles
  • Numerical simulation of air-water slug flow in the aeration diffuser pipe of a membrane bioreactor
  • Bubble performance study before and after detachment in a membrane bioreactor
  • Experimental investigation during the melting process of a vertical and horizontal tube-in-shell Latent Heat Energy Storage System
  • Validation of a large eddy simulation methodology for accelerated nozzle flows
  • Effect of geometric modification on flow behaviour and performance of reverse flow combustor
  • Effects of liquid viscosity on bubble formation characteristics in a typical membrane bioreactor
  • Numerical study of performance of reverse flow combustor
  • Suspended water nanodroplets evaporation and its deviation from continuum estimations
  • Theoretical and computational analysis on double-end submerged hollow fibre membrane modules
  • Mathematical modelling of passive displacement dual cooling coil (PDDCC) system in a tropical climate
  • Multi-stage thermoelectric coolers for cooling wearables
  • Early Prediction of Students' Mathematics Performance
  • Experimental and numerical studies for flow over a sierpinski tetrahedron for potential windbreak application
  • Experimental investigation of the cooling capacity and thermal performance of the passive displacement dual cooling coil system in tropical climate
  • Numerical capture and validation of a massively separated bluff-body wake
  • Computational Studies for the Design Parameters of Hollow Fibre Membrane Modules
  • Integration of Virtual Reality with Intelligent Tutoring for High Fidelity Air Traffic Control Training
  • Computational modelling of wing downwash profile with reynolds-averaged and delayed detached-eddy simulations
  • Parametric investigation of box wing configuration in viscous flow regime
  • Computational studies on design optimization for Saccardo nozzle in tunnel ventilation
  • Low-speed post-stall wing wake impingement on horizontal stabilizer of the common research model
  • Numerical Investigation of NOx Emission Reduction in Non-Premixed Lean Reverse-Flow Combustor in a Micro Gas Turbine Engine
  • Numerical validation and assessment of vertical and horizontal latent heat energy storage system during a melting process
  • Large Eddy Simulation of supersonic jet plumes from rectangular con-di nozzles
  • IRC-SET 2022
  • Aerodynamic Interactions in Formation Flight for Wake Vortex Surfing
  • Workshop: Internet of Things (IoT) for Intelligent Mobility and Dynamics: Interconnecting Air, Ground and Human
  • Wingtip Vortices Characterization with Perspective Upright Correction
  • Development of a Virtual Wind Tunnel Lab during Covid-19 Pandemic
  • Numerical Study to Understand the Conservation of Hydrogen Through a Dynamic Fuel Supply System in Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFCs)
  • Initial Experience of a Programme to Improve Students’ Learning Skills Using the Metacognitive Approach
  • IRC-SET 2021
  • Promoting Online Authentic Continuous Assessments

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