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  • Triboelectric charging of 3‐in‐1 coffee mixes: Formulation and fouling
  • Near-infrared probe as a quality control tool for milk powder blending processes
  • XANDAR PHARMACEUTICAL: A model plant for process engineering education
  • Rock Sugar Crystallization: The Effect of Mineral Impurities
  • On-demand continuous-flow production of pharmaceuticals in a compact, reconfigurable system
  • Evaluation of PAT Methods for Potential Application in Small-Scale, Multipurpose Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Platforms
  • Separation and enrichment of enantiopure from racemic compounds using magnetic levitation
  • Crystallization in Lactose Refining-A Review
  • Concomitant cocrystallization on engineered surfaces
  • Compact Crystallization, Filtration, and Drying for the Production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
  • Contact Secondary Nucleation as a Means of Creating Seeds for Continuous Tubular Crystallizers
  • Development of Continuous Crystallization Processes Using a Single-Stage Mixed-Suspension, Mixed-Product Removal Crystallizer with Recycle
  • Designing a lactose crystallization process based on dynamic metastable limit
  • Determination of the dynamic metastable limit for α-lactose monohydrate crystallization
  • Modeling the Crystallization Kinetic Rates of Lactose via Artificial Neural Network
  • CFD modeling of an industrial continuous bread-baking process involving U-movement
  • Designing process controller for a continuous bread baking process based on CFD modelling
  • Robustness analysis of a CFD model to the uncertainties in its physical properties for a bread baking process
  • Customizable Non-charging Material for Eliminating Electrostatic Charge of Particles at Source
  • Design and implementation of a portable heat exchanger kit in an undergraduate engineering heat and mass transfer course

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