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Dr Xu is an Occupational Therapy assistant professor at the Singapore Institute of Technology and holds a PhD in Health Sciences from the University of Sydney, Australia. He has over 23 years of experience working with older adults and the stroke population in community rehabilitation settings in Singapore and Australia. In the recent years, Dr Xu has been working closely with many Singapore government agencies and community organizations as a consultant or advisor in program development and implementation to promote independent living and active ageing in the community. He has successfully piloted a few community-based programs locally, such as Stepping On falls prevention program and frailty management program for community-living older adults, community reintegration and falls prevention after stroke programs.


  • Risk Factors for Falls in Community Stroke Survivors: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
  • Stepping On after Stroke falls-prevention programme for community stroke survivors in Singapore: A feasibility study
  • Developing a falls prevention program for community-dwelling stroke survivors in Singapore: client and caregiver perspectives
  • Developing a tangible gaming board for post-stroke upper limb functional training
  • Falls efficacy instruments for community-dwelling older adults: a COSMIN-based systematic review
  • End-to-End Hand Rehabilitation System with Single-Shot Gesture Classification for Stroke Patients
  • A smartphone-centric system for the range of motion assessment in stroke patients
  • The impact of mobility scooter on occupational participation among older adults in Singapore: an exploratory study
  • Wireless wearable range-of-motion sensor system for upper and lower extremity joints: A validation study
  • Validation of a new patient-reported outcome measure of balance recovery confidence (BRC) for community-dwelling older adults: a study protocol
  • Exploring the impacts of COVID-19 on the lifestyles of community-living adults in Singapore: A qualitative study
  • Therapists’ perspectives on adapting the Stepping On falls prevention programme for community-dwelling stroke survivors in Singapore
  • Falls efficacy: Extending the understanding of self-efficacy in older adults towards managing falls.
  • The Balance Recovery Confidence (BRC) Scale
  • Applied education, vocational and professional education design and multi-disciplinarity: co-creation in practice
  • Pragmatic multicentre stepped-wedge cluster randomised trial to investigate the effectiveness of community-based falls prevention programme for older adults with falls risk in Singapore: a protocol paper
  • Testing the Effects of a Multicomponent Frailty Management Program for Community-Dwelling Older Adults in Singapore: A Feasibility Study
  • Reducing Falls Among Community-Dwelling Older Adults From Clinicians’ Perspectives: A Systems Modeling Approach
  • Group Model Building on causes and interventions for falls in Singapore: insights from a systems thinking approach

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