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  • A GLRT-Based Mechanism for Detecting Relay Misbehavior in Clustered IoT Networks
  • Analog network coding in nonlinear chains
  • Detecting selective modification in vehicular edge computing
  • Detecting Selective Forwarding using Sentinels in lustered IoT Networks
  • Detecting RSU misbehavior in vehicular edge computing
  • Detecting forwarding misbehavior in clustered IoT networks
  • An intrusion detection system for detecting compromised gateways in clustered iot networks
  • JaDe: Low Power Jamming Detection Using Machine Learning in Vehicular Networks
  • DRiVe: Detecting Malicious Roadside Units in the Internet of Vehicles With Low Latency Data Integrity
  • PIC: Preserving Data Integrity in UAV Assisted Communication
  • RAVEN: Resource Allocation using Reinforcement Learning for Vehicular Edge Computing Networks
  • NPRA: A Novel Predictive Resource Allocation Mechanism for Next Generation Network Slicing
  • D3T: Double Deep Q-Network Decision Transformer for Service Function Chain Placement
  • PREVENT: A Mechanism for Preventing Message Tampering Attacks in Electric Vehicle Networks
  • Trust-based adversary detection in edge computing assisted vehicular networks
  • MaDe: Malicious Aerial Vehicle Detection using Generalized Likelihood Ratio Test
  • A Quantum Safe Authentication Protocol for Remote Keyless Entry Systems in Cars
  • Personal Identity Information Detection Using Synthetic Dataset

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