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  • The design science research process: A model for producing and presenting information systems research
  • Virtual Economic Experiments
  • A survey of awareness, knowledge and perception of online spam
  • The effects of knowledge on security technology adoption: Results from a quasi-experiment
  • Examining effects of technology-assisted learning on learning effectiveness and satisfaction: A Quasi-experimental study
  • A comparative study of web content accessibility of public and private organizations in Australia
  • Economics of shareware: How uncertainty and piracy affect shareware quality and brand premium
  • Optimal restrictions for shareware use - time or functionality based
  • Examining e-learning effectiveness, outcomes and learning style: A longitudinal field experiment
  • Strategic Implications of Hybrid Channel Distribution in a Competitive Market
  • Sell by bundle or unit?: Pure bundling versus mixed bundling of information goods
  • Technology-assisted learning: A longitudinal field study of knowledge category, learning effectiveness and satisfaction in language learning
  • A reporting guideline for IS survey research
  • A study of gamer experience and virtual world behaviour
  • The effects of perceived organizational support, perceived supervisor support and intra-organizational network resources on turnover intentions: A study of Chinese employees in multinational enterprises
  • Research in progress: Explaining the moderating effect of massively multiplayer online (mmo) games on the relationship between flow and game addiction using literature-based discovery (lbd)
  • The impact of employee perceptions of training on organizational commitment and turnover intentions: A study of multinationals in the Chinese service sector
  • The optimal number of versions: Why does Goldilocks pricing work for information goods?
  • Information security outsourcing with system interdependency and mandatory security requirement
  • How user personality and social value orientation influence avatar-mediated friendship
  • Cyber Insurance and Risk Management: A Normative Analysis
  • Blockchain Adoption in Food Supply Chains: A Systematic Literature Review on Enablers, Benefits, and Barriers
  • Variational inference for multiplicative intensity models
  • Examining the role of learning engagement in technology-mediated learning and its effects on learning effectiveness and satisfaction
  • Technology-assisted learning and learning style: A longitudinal field experiment
  • Bundling cloud software to fight piracy: an economic analysis
  • Skilled players cooperate less in multi-player games
  • Brand, knowledge, and false sense of security
  • Chinese consumer ethnocentrism: A field experiment
  • Economics of shareware: How do uncertainty and piracy affect shareware quality and brand premium?
  • Software piracy and bundling in the cloud-based software era
  • Effects of smiling and gender on trust toward a recommendation agent
  • Application of literature-based discovery in nonmedical disciplines: A survey
  • Determinants of friendship in social networking virtual worlds
  • Awareness, knowledge and perception of online spam

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