Singapore Institute of Technology

Xue Feng


  • An improved lithium-ion battery model with temperature prediction considering entropy
  • Distributed Multi-Functional Finite-Time Secondary Control in Cyber-Physical Microgrid
  • Hybrid Energy Storage With Multimode Fuzzy Power Allocator for PV Systems
  • Capacity fade-based energy management for lithium-ion batteries used in PV systems
  • Electric Vehicle Development in Singapore and Technical Considerations for Charging Infrastructure
  • Optimally coordinated dispatch of combined-heat-and-electrical network with demand response
  • Optimal Stochastic Deployment of Heterogeneous Energy Storage in a Residential Multi-Energy Microgrid with Demand-Side Management
  • Robust Coordination of A Hybrid AC/DC Multi-Energy Ship Microgrid with Flexible Voyage and Thermal Loads
  • Data-driven Economic Control of Battery Energy Storage System Considering Battery Degradation
  • A Two-Stage Stochastic Operation Approach of Combined Heat and Power Networks
  • Holistic data‐driven method for optimal sizing and operation of an urban islanded microgrid
  • A Hybrid Data-Driven and Model-Based Method for Modeling and Parameter Identification of Lithium-Ion Batteries

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