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  • Implied truth, complementary media practices, and successful atomized activism in China
  • Disappearing bargain and technical sharing: the sociocultural influence of mobile payment in China
  • Space as the ideological state apparatus (ISA): the invisible fetter on social movements in China
  • Conditional transparency: Differentiated news framings of COVID-19 severity in the pre-crisis stage in China
  • What makes an online help-seeking message go far during the COVID-19 crisis in mainland China? A multilevel regression analysis
  • Cultivation of new taste: taste makers and new forms of distinction in China’s Coffee Culture
  • The Effects of Social Media Information Discussion, Perceived Information Overload and Patient Empowerment in Influencing HPV Knowledge
  • Pandemic Nationalism: Use of Government Social Media for Political Information and Belief in COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories in China

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