Singapore Institute of Technology

Yew Chai Paw

Associate Professor (Engineering)


  • Modeling and control design for the ARES aircraft: Model-based Aerospace Challenge #1
  • Autonomous ship deck landing of a quadrotor using invariant ellipsoid method
  • An airborne experimental test platform: From theory to flight
  • Efficient linear predictive model with short term features for lithium-ion batteries state of health estimation
  • Tracking of a moving ground target by a quadrotor using a backstepping approach based on a full state cascaded dynamics
  • Uncertainty modeling, analysis and robust flight control design for a small UAV system
  • Development and application of an integrated framework for small UAV flight control development
  • Robust linear output feedback controller for autonomous landing of a quadrotor on a ship deck
  • Parametric uncertainty modeling for LFT model realization
  • Linear Model for Online State of Health Estimation of Lithium-ion Batteries Using Segmented Discharge Profiles

Yew Chai Paw's public data