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Yoke Leng Ng


  • Effectiveness of Outdoor Exercise Parks on Health Outcomes in Older Adults—A Mixed-Methods Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
  • Exploring physical activity changes and experiences of older adults living in retirement villages during a pandemic
  • Falls efficacy: Extending the understanding of self-efficacy in older adults towards managing falls
  • Reliability and Validity of a Modified Version of the Community Balance and Mobility Scale (CBMS-Home) for Use in Home Assessment
  • A seniors exercise park program for older adults with mild balance dysfunction – a feasibility study
  • Experiences of Older Adults With Mild Balance Dysfunction Who Participated in a Supervised Seniors Exercise Park Program Progressing to Independent Practice
  • Encouraging Adults Aged 65 and over to Participate in Resistance Training by Linking Them with a Peer: A Pilot Study
  • The Biomechanics of Healthy Older Adults Rising from the Floor Independently

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