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Optimal Energy Management of a Demand Response Integrated Combined-Heat-and-Electrical Microgrid

posted on 2023-09-24, 09:33 authored by Yan Xu, Zhengmao Li, Xue FengXue Feng, Yumin Chen

This chapter mainly presents the optimal energy management scheme of the combined-heat-and-electrical microgrid (CHEM), which contributes to this book from the operation side of the modern heat and electricity incorporated networks. A CHEM simultaneously supplies power and thermal energy at a higher energy utilization efficiency. This book chapter presents a coordinated operation method for CHEMs in which different components including distributed generation units and flexible loads are optimally dispatched. In the operation method, various constraints are systematically modeled including coupling constraints of the combined power and heat network, dynamic properties of the heat network, and power flow constraints. In addition, price-based demand response (PBDR) and indoor temperature control (ITC) strategies are designed to further flexibilize the operation of the CHEM. The overall problem is formulated as a mixed-integer linear programming model. Two test cases are simulated, one on a 33-bus CHEM and another one on a 69-bus CHEM. Compared with existing methods, the simulation results indicate that the proposed method in this paper could enhance the energy dispatch flexibility and reduce the holistic energy supply cost.


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Coordinated Operation and Planning of Modern Heat and Electricity Incorporated Networks

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