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A pilot randomized controlled trial examining the benefits of an adjuvant psycho-behavioural intervention in comparison to a health education program, on psychological well-being and freezing-of-gait in patients with Parkinson's disease

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posted on 2023-07-28, 07:05 authored by Aileen Eugenia ScullyAileen Eugenia Scully, Kinjal Doshi, Stacey Henderson, Mabel Macas, May Leng Dawn TanMay Leng Dawn Tan

This study investigated the effectiveness of a psycho-behavioural intervention (PBI) for freezing of gait (FOG) management in people with Parkinson's disease, through a double-blind randomized controlled pilot trial conducted with nineteen participants. Though no significant between-group differences were found, PBI was feasible, well-tolerated by participants, and exhibited a trend towards improvement for FOG and depression, thereby warranting further longitudinal investigations.


Singapore General Hospital Research Grant (SRG-AHN#08/2017)


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Parkinsonism & Related Disorders

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