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Social Media for Enhanced Radiography Education

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posted on 2022-07-07, 03:51 authored by Alicia Ng Xuan Jing, Ayu Wandira Binte Rahmat, Radin Nursyairah Binte Mohamed Shaie, Cheryl Pei Ling LianCheryl Pei Ling Lian

Social media (SoMe) platforms have been widely explored as an educational tool, with early adopters reporting significant success1. An increasing number of healthcare institutions have been using SoMe for patient care and education, organizational promotion and public health programs. Indeed the pervasiveness of SoMe has increased accessibility to healthcare information and can potentially improve and/or complement clinical education.

Usage of SoMe of enhances communication, promotes collaboration with peers and facilitates retrieval of relevant information for decision making. However, several gaps relating to SoMe and radiography education have been identified and need to be addressed such as the under-utilization of SoMe platforms in the formal radiography undergraduate curriculum and for Clinical Educators’ (CEs) professional development (PD). This may be due to the scarcity of engagement and interactive platforms with regards to Radiography education in Singapore.

The aim of this research study is to evaluate how SoMe utilization can:

  1. Improve Diagnostic Radiography (DR) undergraduate student learning
  2. Increase awareness of radiography among the general public
  3. Support professional development for CEs


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8th Southeast Asia Radiographers Conference (SEARC 2022), 25-27 March 2022, Online

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