Singapore Institute of Technology

Cheng Hock Alfred Tan


  • On the influence of transducer heating in underwater ultrasonic thrusters
  • Infrastructure for mobile sensor network in the Singapore coastal zone
  • The safety issues of intense airborne ultrasound: Parametric array loudspeaker
  • Multi-tonal feedback control with improved plant and frequency estimation
  • Fault diagnosis of loaded water hydraulic actuators by online testing with LabVIEW┬«
  • Satellite vibration control using frequency selective feedback
  • Model-free frequency domain iterative active sound and vibration control
  • Thrust and wake characterization in small, robust ultrasonic thrusters
  • Ultra low frequency estimation: A neglected apportion
  • Robust control of microvibrations with experimental verification
  • Design and Multi-disciplinarity: Co-creation in Practice
  • Correlating the ultrasonic thrust force with acoustic streaming velocity
  • Gamification of heel raise plantarflexion physiotherapy
  • Fault diagnosis of water hydraulic actuators under some simulated faults
  • Condition Monitoring of a Water Hydraulic Cylinder by Vibration Analysis

Cheng Hock Alfred Tan's public data