Singapore Institute of Technology

Chin Kian Liew


  • Development of a Rapid Drop Test for Surface Quality Inspection
  • Single-Plant Biocomposite from Ricinus Communis: Preparation, Properties and Environmental Performance
  • Application of Wavelet Parameters for Impact Damage Detection in Plates
  • Inspections of Helicopter Composite Airframe Structures using Conventional and Emerging Nondestructive Testing Methods
  • Metal-polymer functionally graded materials for removing guided wave reflections at beam end boundaries
  • Ultrasonic Inspection of Bolts using an Integrated Probe Attachment
  • Wavelet analysis of ultrasound for the detection of impact damages in composite laminate structures
  • Review of integrated piezoceramic transducers in smart materials and structures
  • Testing of Plant Fiber Composites: The Potential of Acoustic Emission Methods
  • Damage Evaluation in Smart Materials Using Time-Frequency Analysis
  • A Wavelet-Based Damage Detection Approach for Acousto-Ultrasonic In Situ Monitoring Systems
  • Pattern recognition of guided waves for damage evaluation in bars
  • Optimization of Neural Network Pattern Recognition Systems for Guided Waves Damage Identification in Beams
  • Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch Fibres and Biopolymer Composites: Possible Effects of Moisture on the Elasticity, Fracture Properties and Reliability
  • Guided waves damage identification in beams with test pattern dependent series neural network systems
  • Yarn Flax Fibres for Polymer-Coated Sutures and Hand Layup Polymer Composite Laminates
  • Non-destructive evaluation (NDE) of aerospace composites: structural health monitoring of aerospace structures using guided wave ultrasonics
  • Ultrasonic Testing of Anchor Bolts
  • Partial Discharge Simulation and Detection in 750V DC XLPE Cables
  • Design and Fabrication of an Ultrasonic Testing Probe Holder to Inspect Overhead Anchor Bolts
  • Detection of Cut Notches and Corrosion on Anchor Bolts
  • Distinguishing Defective Anchor Bolts with Features Extracted from Ultrasonic Signal
  • Teaching Materials Science & Engineering in a Two-Year Mechanical Engineering Degree Programme
  • Integrating Design, Materials Selection and Mechanics in Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Test Pattern Dependent Neural Network Systems for Guided Waves Damage Identification in Beams
  • Evaluation of Laminar Defects in Beams Using Guided Waves and Pattern Recognition Techniques
  • Investigating mode coupling effects in composite beams with delamination damage
  • University Education and Training for the SGNDT Professional Certification
  • Detecting moisture in honeycomb sandwich structures using through-thickness resonance measurements
  • Guided waves damage detection in beams utilising bayesian artificial neural network model class selection
  • Coupling University Education with an Industrial Professional Certification

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