Singapore Institute of Technology


  • Second language developmental dynamics: How Dynamic Systems Theory accounts for issues in second language learning
  • Dynamic variability in ESL learner’s complexity, accuracy, and fluency measures of subject-verb agreement
  • Complexity in second language academic writing: A dynamical perspective on syntactic development.
  • A case study in complexity and accuracy development in ESL academic writing: A dynamic perspective.
  • Dynamic development of complexity and accuracy in second language academic writing: A case study.
  • Second language academic writing development profiling: The dynamic interaction between complexity and accuracy.
  • Dynamic development of second language academic writing: The case of syntactical complexity
  • Review of the book Second language acquisition and universal grammar, by L. White.
  • Mengapa beragama Buddha
  • Contemporary approaches to second language acquisition, by M. García Mayo, M. Gutierrez Mangado, & M. Martínes Adrián (Eds.)
  • Dynamic development of complexity and accuracy: A case study in second language academic writing
  • Investigating second language learners’ usage of Mandarin numeral classifiers: A case-based study
  • Syntactic Complexity in Second Language Academic Writing in English: Diversity on Display
  • Chapter 5. Profiling the dynamic changes of syntactic complexity in L2 academic writing
  • The Big Idea: A Party Card Game for a Problem Based Learning Course of Business English
  • Introduction to Special Issue on Critical Thinking and Communicating in the Disciplines
  • Applying Complex Dynamic Systems Theory in EAP Curriculum Design and Teaching Practice
  • Multifractal Analysis of the Distribution of Three Grammatical Constructions in English Texts

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