Singapore Institute of Technology

Nadya Shaznay Patel

Assistant Professor (Education; Language, communication and culture; Psychology)


Dr Nadya Patel has twenty years of teaching and workshop facilitation experiences. She leads a faculty community of practice for critical thinking in the disciplines, and teaches interdisciplinary courses on critical thinking and communication skills, and critical-design thinking in design innovation. Previously, she taught engineering leadership, community leadership, critical thinking and writing, and English for academic purposes in NUS. She conducts professional development workshops for faculty on pedagogical and instructional approaches to improve teaching and learning practices. For professionals and executives, she conducts consultancy training on business communication, empathetic leadership communication and effective professional communication. Her applied research interests include dialogic scaffolding, critical-design thinking skills, multimodality in instruction, and human-centric approaches for business innovations.


  • Establishing Social Presence for an Engaging Online Teaching and Learning Experience
  • Development of Criticality in Thought: A Conceptual Framework for Online Student Discussion Forums in Higher Education
  • Making Critical Thinking Explicit and Visible with Dialogic Scaffolding
  • Understanding Critical Thinking: A Minimal English Approach
  • Assessing student CT skills in the disciplines: Partnering students in designing online quizzes for applied learning
  • Is it graded? Using online discussion forums to develop criticality in thought
  • Empathetic and Dialogic Interactions: Modelling Intellectual Empathy and Communicating Care

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