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Thiam Huat Andy Lee


  • Forebrain medial septum region facilitates nociception in a rat formalin model of inflammatory pain
  • A nociceptive-intensity-dependent role for hydrogen sulphide in the formalin model of persistent inflammatory pain
  • GABAergic neurons of the medial septum play a nodal role in facilitation of nociception-induced affect
  • Forebrain medial septum sustains experimental neuropathic pain
  • Medial septum neurokinin- And somatostatin-sensitive mechanisms mediate sensorimotor and nociceptive behaviours
  • TRPM4 Blocking Antibody Protects Cerebral Vasculature in Delayed Stroke Reperfusion
  • In vivo evaluation of monoclonal antibody M4M using a humanised rat model of stroke demonstrates attenuation of reperfusion injury via blocking human TRPM4 channel
  • Role of Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor and Related Therapeutic Strategies in Central Post-Stroke Pain

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