Singapore Institute of Technology

Kar Peo Yar


  • One way ranging time drift compensation for both synchronized and non-synchronized clocks
  • Analysis of energy and delay for ARQ systems over time varying channels
  • Performance of reed-solomon coded M-ary modulation systems with overlapped symbols
  • Performance evaluation of mesh-based mobile WiMax PHY baseband for above the sea propagation
  • Performance of RS coded M-ary modulation with and without symbol overlapping
  • Cutoff rate analysis of amplify-and-forward relay system
  • Dynamic spectrum sharing for two-layer cellular networks
  • Performance enhancement of OFDM systems based on signal spreading
  • Cutoff rate of MIMO systems in rayleigh fading channels with PSK signaling
  • Decentralized multiuser beamforming for cellular communication systems
  • Performance analysis of hybrid ARQ systems
  • Adaptive energy scheme for wireless network systems
  • Wireless broadcasting using XOR coding
  • Cutoff rate of MIMO systems in Rayleigh fading channels with imperfect CSIR and finite frame error probability
  • Energy analysis of single-hop communication systems
  • Coding and modulation for short packet transmission
  • Non-Verbal Auditory Aspects of Human-Service Robot Interaction
  • Secure IoT Deployment Checklist for Building Management System
  • Sensor Data Analytics for Tool Condition Anomaly Detection with Machine Learning Techniques

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